Accreditations are Important

Accreditations provide an assurance that an educational institution is offering quality education that meets all the international standards set by globally renowned and recognized accrediting councils and standardizing commissions.

Our university holds accreditations issued by multiple accrediting councils for our quality programs, expert faculty and world class students’ assistance facilities. Accredited programs are not only trusted by students and professionals, but are also trusted by global organizations and employers. International employers only hire graduates of accredited institutions.

Accreditation & Membership

United States Accreditation Council (USAC)

United States Accreditation Council (USAC) is an international accreditation body committed to establishing and promoting high educational standards for post-secondary degree and non-degree programs in the field of business and management. Being an internationally recognized accreditation agency, USAC provides assurance that all its affiliates – Institutes, Colleges and Universities – offer programs that meet the global quality standards established in the profession of business and management.

Gulf Council of Academic Evaluation

GulfCAE is an independent, not for profit and membership-based commission, improving education standards at all academic institutes of the Gulf region. The commission only accredits educational institutes that follow globally set standards of education and consistently updates its curriculum.


HECGR is a well renowned, international accrediting council that is based in the gulf region but has its presence all around the world. HECGR provides different educational services including credit equivalency service for students seeking better educational opportunities.

United States open and distance Learning consortium

The United States Open and Distance Learning Consortium (USODLC) is an independent not-for-profit global accreditation agency responsible for regulating and assuring sustainable quality education in all academic institutions/universities worldwide. USODLC accreditation is recognized as the mark of educational excellence in the private and government sector.


World Accreditation Commission for Engineering Education (WACEE) is all about promoting high quality and accredited engineering programs on a global platform while taking the extra initiative to be sure its approved engineering programs are good for the careers of online students and recognized by world’s leading academic institutions and topmost employers. WACEE is an international name and a non-profit accreditation organization, which has been serving online education sector and academic institutions for the past several years.


IT Accreditation & Certification Board (ITACB) is a non-profit professional body and the most trusted IT body across the world. ITACB institute works hard to improve both the education and professional development of those broadly working in the IT industry and computer-related field. IT professionals and institutions registered with ITACB are subject to our quality assurance.


GCPCT is a leading, not for profit and world renowned organization, known for setting standards in the teaching profession. GCPCT promotes and directs professional standards in teaching and education degree programs.


IABPE is one of the most widely recognized accreditation bodies in the world. The organization specializes in the field of Psychology, and has been working towards setting higher academic standards in the aforementioned branch of knowledge. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced commission members to ensure educational excellence.